Rehearsals – Day 6 – Emma Stirling

We still have two full days of rehearsals left and already I feel sad that it
will be over soon. Even though the play is quite dark in places, rehearsals
have been really fun. And not just fun in a bracing sort of way: we’ve laughed
a lot. (Maybe too much…)

Co-directing and acting in the play I wrote makes me sound like an ego-maniac.
But honestly, at this stage in rehearsals, the play belongs to everyone in the
company as much as it belongs to me. The positions of writer, director and
actor are becoming increasingly seamless as we all figure out what the
characters want – and how best to show that honestly. During an interview with
Hannah from Cam FM yesterday, we had a chance to talk about how everything’s
been so far: intensely collaborative and creative, but also weirdly private.
Having only nine days to work on the play together has meant that we got to
know our characters independently before beginning rehearsals. James mentioned
in his blog yesterday that his character has changed a lot since last time he
performed, and it made me realise that I feel differently about my character
Tess: I understand her more.

Hannah also asked us why we are going to Edinburgh, and my first thought was
simply because it would be fun. But it is more than that – I wrote the play to
tell a story and I think that’s what all of us are trying to do now. I tend to
see characters in plays and book as real people, and I feel great affection for
all the Music Box characters, not just Tess (even if I don’t exactly like


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