Rehearsals – Day 4 – Sarah Malcolm

After an evening of cast bonding, involving wine and plastic spoons, I think it’s safe to assume that today’s rehearsal was tackled with aching but nonetheless excited faces; too much laughter goes straight to my cheeks! I’m Sarah and I’m playing the role of the bewildered protagonist Laura.

Exploring the role has been a challenging experience.  Laura is struggling to deal with the dazed monotony of her bed ridden state and as a child who has never seen a stranger or felt real affection, she is lost in a world of forgotten memories and absent dreams which she attempts to articulate through her creations of Blake, Tess and Oliver. To grasp a character with so much control and power over others has been interesting as she switches between playful child, commanding adolescent and numb patient.  Ultimately she is afraid, just like any other human with the fear of the unknown, and to witness the destruction of such a beautifully complex character has in itself been one of the most magical experiences in this process.

Perhaps this image of a frightened kitten sums up Laura quite well. Or perhaps it is just a cute image that I wanted to include. Either way, the rehearsal process is going brilliantly and I am enjoying both the unravelling of this beautifully imaginative play and the chance to get to know a truly wonderful cast.


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