Blog Day 3

Hello – Russell the producer here. Being the aforementioned producer (as well as a work-shy layabout) I haven’t actually been to rehearsals today… I did dutifully turn up at 5pm, reliably informed the cast were putting in 9 till 6 days, only to find out they’d just left. Shameful. 

So what have  I been doing all day I hear you cry. Being a proper Cambridge student and cracking on with a bit of coursework – that’s what. I’m currently researching an essay on Mongolian travel literature’s influence on Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’ . I think the Mongols would have liked the Music Box. It’s common knowledge that their favourite punctuation mark was the backslash and that Gengis Khan dared to go outside. 

Anyway, everyone here is getting a bit excited. We hope you’re all ready for a unique artistic experience (and a more relevant blog tomorrow.)


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